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welcome to cnn "newsroom." the senate is in session. the president is due back in washington minutes from now. there's no other movement to speak of towards scaling back or avoiding those billions of tax
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hikes and spending cuts due to start just five days from now. dana bash is in washington. great to see you. within the past hour, senate majority leader harry reid spoke on the floor. he really gave it to john boehner. he got pretty personal. >> he did. he really laid the blame at boehner's lap. talked about the fact that he was surprised that the house isn't even in session, which is true, but let's get real. the senate came back into session this morning. most importantly, he was very, very pessimistic about getting anything done before we reach that fiscal cliff. listen to what he said. >> the speaker just has a few d days left to change his mind, but i have to be very honest, mr. president. i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> let me kind of lay out the state of play. i'll try to keep it out as much
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as possible. this is something everybody is focused on. the ball is in the senate's court right now. so what senator reid, who you saw earlier, and the president, what they are trying to figure out is whether or not they can craft what the president called a scaled-back bill, which is what he campaigned on. raising taxes for everybody making more than $250,000 a year and adding a few other tax-related items in there. maybe spending but it's unclear. the question is whether or not they can put all that together in a way to get enough republican votes in order to pass the senate and then would have to have enough votes to pass the house as well. whether they can do that in the next few days is an open question. >> just procedurally too, that takes time. and congress notoriously moves
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slowly. one wall street economist suggested, and this caught my attention, bun ji jump off the cliff. meaning we'll bounce back afterwards meaning once the tax hikes goes into effect congress will have no choice. they will have to introduce a bill that everyone can agree on. what's your take on that. what are your congressional sources saying to you privately? >> they are saying the betting money is on that right noug. it's an interesting way to put it. the whole concept of taking a vote in the next five days on anything would effectively would be to raise taxes. each of the senators would be taking a vote that somebody can use against them saying they voted for a tax increase. after january 1st, everybody's taxes will go up so the vote that they can take would be to cut taxes, a very different vote politically. if you look at the calendar with
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regard to the bun ji jump, the 1st of january is a holiday. wall street is not trading that day. so there would be probably a very negative effect on january 2nd. the new congress would be sworn in on january 3rd. there would be more democrats in the senate and the house and the discussions beginning on right now particularly among democratic leaders in congress is they feel they would have enough votes and enough political pressure on them and on republicans to get something done very fast if not before january 1st. >> you're going to be a busy girl. dana, thank you. as if we needed another deadline, the treasury is warning that the nation's debt will hit the ceiling on new year's eve. the debt showdown last summer is what led to the fiscal cliff we're facing right now. just one more complication or
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bargaining chip. remind us, you're the best at putting this in perspective. remind us why the debt ceiling is just as important as the fiscal cliff. >> let me take you back a little while. to the conversation about the bun ji jump. here's the problem. confidence doesn't react to a bun ji jump. if you stole my phone and then i got it back from you, it would take that time before i develop that trust wp we saw the consumer confidence numbers come out and they have taken a big hit because consumers are worried about the fiscal cliff. the investing side is our debt raiting, you'll recall the last time we messed around with the debt ceiling, we got kicked down a notch. so if we are seen to be so irresponsible we would do this again and get past our debt limit, the world may sit there and say you're not that good.
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maybe americans are irresponsible with their money. we hit the debt limit on money. we have known that was coming. the treasury secretary reenforced that. this is a problem. they can fiddle around with things. they can probably get us a few weeks further, but the bottom line is that $16.4 trillion and we'll hit that on monday. the world doesn't think we're getting our act together, we may get another downgrade. the cost of borrowing money is going to go up. that starts to reflect in all sorts of thing its. it wasn't a catastrophe last time so people say it's not a big deal, but when thinking about the bun ji jump, thinking about that. once you break a trust, it it doesn't bounce back because you fixed it. it takes awhile to rebuild and that could hurt us a lot. >> you talk about implications, traditionally this time of year we're talking about the santa
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clause rally in the markets. that didn't happen because fears that we will go over that cliff. and you know a lot of smart minds on wall street are saying if we don't make that deadline, the markets are going to take it hard. >> you can get hit on markets, you can get hit on bonds. we're already seeing consumer spending less which will result in layoffs. so this is all taking a toll. it's not a switch. it's not a yes or no once we go over an january 1st. things are already going bad. this has to happen now. while i don't doubt they might resolve this a month later, i don't want our viewers thinking that no damage will be done. if we go over, there will be damage done. there's damage done already. >> thank you, ali. >> please don't steal my phone. >> i won't. not now. maybe later. we'll get the president's take on the debt ceiling in a live
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report from the white house at the bottom of the hour. some other stories we're following this hour. a rough start to a southwest airlines flight in new york. take a look at this. flight 4695 headed for tampa, florida, skidded off the runway at islip this morning. no reported injuries this morning among the 134 people on board. the passengers were taken off the plane, bussed to the terminal and will get on another flight soon. the winter storm pounding the northeast is causing major travel delays. that doesn't prize ysurprise yo. the same system left the same calling card in the south. thousands of passengers stranded in dallas on christmas day because of the snow and ice. american airlines flight 1501 was stuck five hours on the tarmac. a pilot offered this unusual apology blaming his bosses.
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listen. >> it's beyond reproach. i have no words to tell you how sorry i am for this. decisions are being made way above our heads by people that obviously, in my humble opinion, don't have a clue what they're it doing." >> good for that pilot. the flight never left the gate on its trip to vegas and ultimately it was cancelled. the national rifle association has been geting a lot of flak for armed guards in schools in the wake of the newtown, massachusetts. one governor dismissed as a dumb idea. david keene addressed the controversy today with carol costello. >> there are 23,000 schools today that have armed guards. private schools and public schools. there's cops in the schools program was initiated in the
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1990s by bill clinton. u no whether an individual school wants that kind of protection or doesn't want that kind of protection is really up to the individual school. when we made that statement, when wayne lapierre spoke about a week ago, he suggested that what has to happen, and what should happen, is in every school district, administrators, teachers and parents should sit down and ask what's needed to protect the students in had that school. some will want police officers there. others of them will want private security guards. some places may want volunteers to do it. we're willing to work with everybody on those questions, but the fact is that is not a crazy suggestion. let's not get into an argument about who teachers unions are mostly interested in. but the fact of the matter is in some schools -- and we're not urging that teachers be armed,
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but some school districts are armed today. and if the school district and the teachers want to do it that way, that's really up to them it seems to me. >> that was nra president david keene speaking earlier today with cnn's carol costello. hitching a hide to washington today with president obama is hawaii's next senator. brian schatz is currently the lieutenant governor. he's due to be sworn in this afternoon about three hours from now. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. welcome back. doctors in houston are trying to bring down a stubborn fever in the oldest-living former president. we're talking about george h.w. bush. more than a month ago the 88-year-old bush has been in houston's methodist hospital since november 7th. we learned yesterday he was moved into icu on sunday in guarded condition. what does that mean? our dr. sanjay gupta explains. >> when i take care of patients
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in the intensive care unit, when we say they are guarded, that means we're keeping an eye on several different things. that could be the lungs, could be someone's kidney function, could be neurological status. we don't know what this particularly means with the former president, but we need around-the-clock monitoring. all of his vital signs and there are things we're trying to prevent from going in the wrong direction. >> miguel march kwez has more from houston. >> reporter: the first thing the family wants people to know is that he's doing okay despite this long stint in the hospital. a spokesman says they want to thank everybody from around the world for sending in their thoughts and concerns, but the 41st president is doing okay despite this fever he can't seem to beat. they are treating him among other things with tylenol and they have him in intensive care
8:16 am
now because doctors here at the hospital wanted to keep track of him in various ways as you can only do in icu. they are on a liquid diet. he is getting the best care possible. he's been here over a month after going in with a bronchial infection. he was in the hospital before that doing physical therapy for a condition he has with hitds lower extremities, a sort of parkinson's disease. a family spokesman being forthright saying he will get out soon. they don't have a date or time yet because they can't quite figure out why he can't get over this fever, but he will be out soon and back to his home here in houston. >> miguel marquez, that would be good news if he gets out before
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the new year. thank you for that. another ailing former leader is now out of the hospital. nelson mandela was treated for a lung infection. a government spokesman says the former south african president is receiving treatment at his home. mandela is said to be resting and in good spirits. bye dad. drive safe. k. love you. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. blocks and replies to texts while you drive. we can live without the &. visit ♪ you make me happy when skies are gray ♪ [ female announcer ] you know exactly what it takes to make them feel better. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] that's why you choose children's tylenol.
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we have this just in to cnn. you're looking live at air force one as it lands. just back from hawaii. the president had to cut short his vacation there. his holiday vacation so he could deal with the looming fiscal cliff. all eyes are on that now and everyone wondering whether congress will be able to reach a deal by january 1st. if not, spending cuts and tax hikes for every american will go into effect and we're watching that story very, very closely. as i mentioned, just five days left before the new year. but wait, before they bring out the champagne and confetti on the 31st, folks in washington
8:21 am
need to start making big decisions regarding that fiscal cliff. here's what will happen if no deal is reached. the economy could fall into a recession. that's been widely reported. the congressional budget office forecasts a drop of .5% in the real gross domestic product and a 9.1% unemployment rate by the end of next year. markets in the u.s. and around the world could take a hit. right now the dow is down almost 100 points. no santa clauz rally this year. managing director of the boston consulting group joins me from chicago. great to see you. happy holidays. let's talk about the effect on the economy. i think it's important to point out that it if no deal is reached by january 1st, some things will take effect right away. 2% increase in payroll taxes.
8:22 am
no more unemployment benefits for 2 million americans. others will take a little longer to take effect. having said that, what will be the impact on the economy long-term, do you think? >> i think you have to look at this more than as a fiscal cliff but as a fiscal slide. what we're doing is we're beginning a slide and we're going to slide slowly if we don't do something by february we'll have a debt limit crisis that will also cause us so accelerate and reduce the confidence in the united states of america, which is something we should not allow to have happ happen. by march, all of a sudden there will be a payroll in tax increases in terms of what people have to pay whether it's estimated taxes or if your payroll, all these things will make it more difficult. we'll watch declining effort. this is not the same level as what the euro crisis is.
8:23 am
the euro crisis is something that's not in the european's control as much as they'd like. it's in the control of congress, in control of the president. this is something we can fix if we want to. we have to get the political will and financial will to do so. >> but you mention the euro crisis and we're not there yet, but the big question is, can we get there? >> if this goes on until the end of the year, the end of next year of 2013, we'll be in substantial trouble. we'll see much significant increases in unemployment, we'll watch the stock market drop, the confidence in the united states, which is very important to our country, decline. and this could cause us to go into what could be a significant recession. but it's something we can fix or something that congress can fix. so it's in our control. we need to recognize that. but we need to make sure that congress acts.
8:24 am
>> what about unemployment? we made a big deal before the election about going below 8%. and if we go over the cliff, a lot of smart minds are saying we could hit 9.1% unemployment by the end of next year. that sounds devastating. who would be the most impacted by that, do you think? >> well, it's going to be everybody at that point in time. it's going to be small businesses who look at the world and say, i can't afford to invest, i can't afford to have the number of employees that i have because i'm starting to see demand slow down. it's going to be large businesses that are going to suffer from this for the same reason. it's going to hurt our ability to be competitive in the world market because of all this. and so we're going to see potentially a decline in the growth of experts. all these thing its are bad for the country. this is something we have to stop and have to stop quickly. it's in the control of the united states. >> senior partner of the boston
8:25 am
consu consulting group, thank you for joining us. happy holidays. >> thank you.
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2012 was a dramatic world in the world of business. facebook struggled to impress investors. apple and yahoo hired new ceos. our christine romans look back at the top ten stories in business that caught our attention this year. >> number 10, apple the first year without steve jobs and a company trying to prove under a new ceo it can invent things we needed we didn't know and would still buy.
8:29 am
>> number 9, the u.s. stock market despite all the worries about the fiscal cliff and maybe slower growth in the u.s. economy, the stock market has had a great year. too bad you missed out. smart money has been in the market. the rest of us have been worried about the fiscal cliff. >> number 8, facebook's ipo, hundreds of millions of people like facebook, but investors did not. on its first day as a public company. trading glitches at the nasdaq and questions about the company's ability to make money on mobile users pummelled the stock which has yet to climb its way back to its ipo price. >> number 7, mother meyer. the new ceo of yahoo who announced she was going to take a two-week maternity leave. it looks like a mother's touch is just exactly what yahoo needed. >> number 6, mother nature. a drought in the midwest that
8:30 am
scorched the corn and soy crop sending prices sky high. who can forget superstorm sandy. damages as high as $50 billion raising lots of questions about u.s. infrastructure and whether we should be spending money to fix it. >> number 5, china. is china slowing or leading the world? we do know choina will be the biggest economy in the world by 2020, for sure by 203. china getting more than a few mentions during the presidential campaign, probably because it's pretty clear china is both a competitor and a partner. >> number 4, europe. the european union was fractured by too much debt and the us a trty plans to fix it. that saga is far from over. >> number 3, the housing market finally bottomed out. the combination of low home prices and continued record low
8:31 am
mortgage rates set off a building and buying spree. investors began buying entire neighborhoods but first-time buyers were also able to get a home of their own for the first time in years. as long as they had a hefty down payment. >> number 2. >> cnn projects that barack obama will be reelected president of the united states. >> the next. more than just about obama and romney. it was about socialism and capitali capitalism, about what kind of role government should have in your life. >> number 1 is the fiscal cliff. lawmakers saw it coming but didn't bother to pay any attention to it until after the election. had they put politics aside and dealt with it earlier, who knows how strong the u.s. economy would be right now. >> so those are the top 10 business stories. join don lemon for the biggest
8:32 am
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you're looking live at president obama just coming off the stairs of air force one at andrews air force base. cut short his holiday vacation. he left hawaii last night after less than a week there. he had to come back, had to be in washington in time to deal with the looming fiscal cliff just five days away. jessica yellen waiting for him at the white house. great to see you. what can the president do at this point, i guess, is the big question. and are aids still hopeful for a deal before january 1st? >> taking your second question first, hopefully, yes. confident, i would say that's going too far. at the white house they are
8:36 am
frowning about what they consider recalls trance on willing to compromise. what can the president do, he can con joel all sides closer to some sort of agreement. from the democrats perspective what they think needs to be done is to get senate leader mcconnell to agree not to filibuster any action in the senate and then get speaker boehner to agree to put a bill forward on the house floor for a vote. if those two pieces happen, then they feel like there could be something done before new year's. so it's sort of con joeling mitch mcconnell to agree to those actions on those parts. if the president can get that done, we don't have much time left for the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
8:37 am
>> jessica, i'm sure you saw harry reid on the floor there today really going after speaker boehner, which is just more and more of the blame game. can anything get done when all they are doing is fighting and blaming each other? >> for the longest time, we thought this is a lot for the last few weeks of public posturing. behind the scenes, they must have a secret deal worked out, but in the end they will come out with a deal to get this done before new year's. but it hasn't turned out that way, has it? so it's not surprising there's an enormous amount of partisanship given each side wants to win the public relations war in @ event the nation does go over the cliff. >> let's hope for the best. jessica yellin. happy holidays. come to new york. thanks.
8:38 am
your top stories, heated political differences are common, but a dispute in albuquerque? that one nearly ended in gun violence. >> drop the gun! >> drop the gun now! >> one man was arrested after pulling a gun on another during an argument over the anti-obama sticker. both the victim and the gunman were military veterans. the victim an older man in his 60s during offense over a bumper sticker on the younger vet's vehicle. a fight escalated and when police arrived shs the older man was on his knees at the back of his head. police got there just in time. and it is not looking good for this 60-foot whale discovered on a new york beach. firefighters yesterday were dousing it with water in an effort to keep it breathing.
8:39 am
they haven't been able to get to the beach because of a storm. the whale is emaciated and will likely die soon. the whale was first spotted by a person walking along the beach at breezy point yesterday. starbucks has two words for policymakers in washington. today and tomorrow stores in d.c. are writing "come together" on cups. they are hoping to spend a respectful but potent message in the waning days before the fiscal cliff. will it work? probably not, but good idea, i guess. they plan to run ads in the "new york times" and "the washington post." more than three years after stuck gas pedals put a dent in toyota sales, the company plans to spend more than a billion dollars to compensate owners. even if they don't own a toyota anymore. alison kosik has more. tell us about how this deal is
8:40 am
going to pay out people who currently own toyotas and those who sold them. >> there are three parts to this. this is turning out to be one of the biggest lawsuits of its kind. it reinvolves around the sticky pedal issue. that's where some drivers said they experienced unintended acceleration. their gas pedals got stuck in floor mats. this settlement is going to cover about 16 million vehicles for 1998 to 2010 models. once a judge approves the settlement, current owners of the cars will get a brake override system installed as well as a customer care plan with a ten-year warranty on parts tied to the acceleration. another part will compensation current owners whose cars are not eligible for the system and a third and separate fund will go to all the former toyota owners who sold their cars but for reduced prices because of all the negative publicity
8:41 am
surrounding these events. the settlement does not cover personal injury claims, but it comes as they try to move past the recent safety crisis. they have recalled 10 million cars for various problems this year. they agreed to pay $17 million for issues related to its lexus recall. >> so how are toyota shares responding to that news and how is the dow performing today and stocks in general? >> toyota is up about 1.5%. the broader market not doing as well. stocks are trading lower. the dow is down about 72 points. investors interestingly enough began selling more after hearing what harry reid came out and said if looks like that's where we're headed talking about the fiscal cliff. that's when you saw investors really pick up the selling. we're only five days away until
8:42 am
the tax hikes go into effect. there's a second part to why we're seeing more selling. weaker than expected read on consumer confidence for december came in. that's also being dragged down about the fiscal cliff. you're seeing consumers pull back on spending and pulling back on how they feel about the economy. they are worried about whether there are going to be r more jobs in the new year. >> they are saying 9.1% unemployment is in the forecast by the end of next year if we don't reach a deal. alison kosik in new york, thank you as always. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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welcome back. teachers in utah are going to class today. starting at noon today, 200 teachers will be at a conference
8:46 am
near salt lake city learning, get this, how to use guns. it's a program initiated by gun rights activists and the utah shooting sports council even waiving the fee for the training. the chairman of the sports council also will be teaching the noon class today. he joins me now from salt lake city. thank you for joining us. i think it's fair to say that the newtown massacre broke everyone's heart. but i think we need to remind people that during columbine back in 1999, there was an armed guard at the school. it did nothing to stop that shooting. i'm curious, what is it about what you're doing that will be any different? >> there was an armed guard but there was no arm ed teacher. the guard was taken out early on. thereby leaving the entire
8:47 am
school open to the madman, to the actual two shooters. it's not arming teachers. we're simply not taking that ability of lawful self-defense. you're restricted in few places to carry. a school is not one of them. this isn't anything new. we never had a problem. >> but the larger question then is more really about gun control. are more guns the answer or are fewer guns the answer? and the other thing that i want to point out is teachers, of course, are equipped to teach. they are trained to teach. not necessarily trained and equipped to fire guns. so my question is, should it really be the teacher's responsibility to learn how to shoot a gun when that's not the main goal of why they are there at the school. >> with all due respect, are teachers trained to jump in
8:48 am
front of bullets and protect their kids too? when we talk about more guns, are more guns the answer? who do you think they call and why do they call the police when something like this happens because they know the police will show up with their guns. the only problem is the police show up a little too late. they have lots of guns and equipment and man power, but just a little too late. the first responders at sandy hook and in columbine were the teachers themselves. they put their lives in front of these shooters. let's not disarm these folks. we're certainly not training them to roam the hallways. we want to institute this concealed carry option in line with the existing district policies or school policies for the lockdown. when the lockdown fails, when that shooter gets into the classroom, the teacher doesn't need to do a lot of tactical training to access and engage a firearm, point it at the
8:49 am
shooter, whiand press the trigg. thereby alleviating the option of jumping in front of the kids to soak up the bullets. i teach tactical classes and it just makes sense to us over here. >> if that's the case, maybe all the teachers should be armed right now. 1% of utah teachers or 240 are licensed to carry concealed weapons. walk me through this course. how long will it be? and what exactly will you be teaching them? >> the course requirement is not a specific number of hours. it's content based. but it's six hours of training today. they are going to learn about firearm handling, manipulation with an emphasis on safety and how to carry it. how to disgreetly maintain it. they are going e to learn about utah handguns and federal laws.
8:50 am
>> have you accounted for the possibility of the firearm potentially getting into a child's hands? and if so, are you teaching what a teacher should do in that type of situation? >> we absolutely do. whether it's in a school environment or home environment, we teach maintaining that firearm appropriately. whether it's on your person or a secured lock box. and again, this is not new for utah. you just haven't heard about it before. teachers have been carrying firearms in locked drawers for 12 years now. and my opponents will say the dire predictions were going to be that every argument between a teacher and student would result in gunfire. that hasn't happened. we result in gunfire. that hasn't happened. we haven't had accidental shootings. we haven't had guns left behind and we also haven't had gun shootings. >> all right, clark aposhian, thank you for your viewpoint.
8:51 am
glad you were with us. thanks.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back. when you think about charity, there are a million ways you can
8:54 am
help. and a lot of stars do give back. but after matthew mcconaughey said he wanted his hands in the clay, so he started his own foundation, helping kids live healthier lives. we sat down recently in los angeles to talk about that and about something everyone in hollywood is buzzing about, his dramatic weight loss for a movie role. >> i go, i want something philanthropic or charitable. i said i want it on my desk every monday morning, something that i can follow,ky build, i can track. >> so matthew mcconaughey, movie star started to think about how he could give back. >> i said i want to find a place where i can help out, where it's prevention before you need a cure. so that also led me to kids. >> 30 more seconds to warm up. >> it lead him to high schoolers, kids as a crossroads. >> freshman year in high school.
8:55 am
a little odd because you've come from being the big dog in the middle school. >> itlid him and his wife to start the j.k. foundation. >> just livin'. no "g" on living. >> j.k. livin' it funds its own curriculum in 14 schools with high pof earth rates. >> break a sweat, learn to eat healthy, and learn to say thank you. >> the kids meet twice a week, two hours a day like 16-year-old esperanzis per raesperanza oret >> we had a goal. when i lost five pounds, it felt great. >> and jesse chen. >> so if you can get them there,
8:56 am
starting good habits or maintaining them, they have a better chance of carrying them over. >> and then there's the gratitude circle. >> i'm thankful for my best friends that i've had for five years. >> for the opportunity to pursue a college education. >> besides the obvious, what's the real value? >> reciprocity. the things we show gratitude for, the things we are thankful for, it creates more things to be thankful for. >> like mcconaughey's ability as a successful actor which leads us to that dramaticweight loss. >> i'm the lightest i've been since, i don't know, eighth grade. >> mcconaughey plays an aids patience, a worldwide actor with fame and a conscience. >> i've got things. i'm one of the haves.
8:57 am
there are a lot of have-nots. we're giving the proverbial fishing rods and thankfully they're using it and coming back and customizing it in their own life and that definitely feels good. ♪ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ♪ ♪ you make me happy when skies are gray ♪ [ female announcer ] you know exactly what it takes to make them feel better. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] that's why you choose children's tylenol. the same brand your mom trusted for you when you were young. ♪ how much i love you [ humming ] [ female announcer ] children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians
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and used by moms decade after decade. [ humming ]
8:59 am
we have frightening new video today of a tornado hitting mobi mobile, alabama, on christmas day. meanwhile a store surveillance video from a drugstore capture these terrifying moments. just look at that. customers inside the store scrambled for cover as the winds whipped merchandise off the shelves. you see it now. unbelievable. meteorologist chad myers in the cnn weather center now with a look at the forecast and all of those flight delays. so many people traveling today and throughout the week, chad. what's it looking like auto there? >> well, the wind not making it any better. certainly laguardia, an hour and a half, de-icing delays as well. those are only 15, 20 minutes to

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